Cambridge Core

Description: Cambridge Core provides online access to the full text of journals published by Cambridge University Press that the Bradford College Library subscribes to.  Also available is access to the Cambridge Journals Digital Archive comprising 171 journals. To search for full text journal articles tick “Only search content I have access to” under the “Search all journal & book content” search box

Access Information: To access Cambridge Journals Online off campus click on the “Log in” button at the top right hand of the Cambridge Core home page. Select the “Log-in” button under “Institution Login” and then choose “UK Federation” and “Bradford College” from the lists and click on Select. Enter your College username and password.

Link: Click here to access Cambridge Core


Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Description: The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations is a free web-based service which allows users to search for the meaning of abbreviations for the titles of English language legal publications.  The database mainly covers law reports and law periodicals but some other legal publications are also included. Regularly updated with new abbreviations and titles.

Access Information:  Freely available

Link: Click here to access Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Child Development

Description: This e-book from Gale Virtual Reference Library is part of the Macmillan Psychology Reference Series and covers issues related to human development from conception through adolescence, summarizing the latest research on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and behavior, including areas of law, medicine, psychiatry, and demography among others.

Access Information: To access Gale Virtual Reference Library off campus please click on the link “Login via your home institution” and then enter your College username and password.

Link: Click here to access the e-book Child Development


Description: Childlink is the largest online information service on Children and families in the UK and Ireland. Childlink focuses on the policies, practices and legislation that affect Children and families. The content includes: news stories, papers and reports, legislation, case law, parliamentary questions and debates, and research.

Access Information: To access ChildLink off campus please click on the link, then on “Click here to login via your home institution”, select “Bradford College” from the drop down list, and then enter your college username and password.

Link: Click here to access Childlink

Cite them right online

Description: Cite them right online is the essential referencing guide to how to reference and cite a wide range of resources correctly. Cite them right online also provides guidance on understanding how to avoid plagiarism.

Access Information: On and off campus you will be asked to enter your college username and password.

Link: Click here to access Cite them right online

Community Care Inform Children

Description: Community Care Inform Children and Community Care Inform Adults are the UK’s largest provider of online resources for social workers and social care professionals. They aim to provide accessible and in depth guides for practitioners, supporting both practical decisions and professional development.

Access Information: To access Community Care Inform Children off campus please click on the green Login button on the home page, select the “Sign in via Shibboleth”, select Bradford College from the drop down menu of institutions and click on Submit and then enter your College username and password.

Link: Click here to access Community Care Inform Children



Computer Source

Description: This database contains nearly 350 full text journals covering topics such as computer science, programming, information systems, and software. Journals include Computerworld, PC Magazine, Journal of Information Systems, Software Magazine etc.

Access Information: Please use your college username and password to access this database from off campus. You may need to select “UK Higher Education” from the drop down list and then select Bradford College.

Link: Click here to access Computer Source