American Chemical Society Legacy Archives

Description: The ACS Legacy Archives contain the full text of articles published in 23 journals by the American Chemical Society from 1879 to 1995. To access this fulltext content please make sure that you tick the ‘legacy archives’ option at the bottom of the search criteria.

Access Information: Only available on campus

Link: Click here to access the American Chemical Society Legacy Archives

British Library Sound Archive

Description: As a member of staff or student at Bradford College you can search for, listen to, and download recordings on the site.

Access Information: You will need to log in to access the full sound archive. Click on the links to “UK HE/FE log in” when prompted, choose Bradford College and then enter your College username and password

Link: Click here to access British Library Sound Archive

ICLR Online

Description: ICLR – The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting,  is a not for profit organisation that was established in 1865 as the authorised publisher of the official series of The Law Reports for the Superior and Appellate Courts of England and Wales.

Access Information: Only available on campus. To access the website click on “Go to ICLR Online”.

Link: Click here to access ICLR Online

New Scientist Online

Description: Find the answer to your science and technology questions at You have online access to the current magazine plus archived editions going back to April 1989, and the specialist sites – Space, Tech and Environment.

Access Information: Only available on campus.

Link: Click here to access New Scientist Online

Sociological Research Online

Description: The journal Sociological Research Online is only available online and publishes peer reviewed articles on current sociological issues.

Access Information: Only available on campus

Link: Click here to access Sociological Research Online