All England Law Reports

Description: All England Law Reports are available on Lexis Library.

Access Information: To access Lexis Library off campus please select the option “Academic Sign-In”, then select “UK Access Management Federation” and click on GO. Choose your home institution – Bradford College, and enter your college username and password.

Link: Click here to access All England Law Reports

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Description: The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations is a free web-based service which allows users to search for the meaning of abbreviations for the titles of English language legal publications.  The database mainly covers law reports and law periodicals but some other legal publications are also included. Regularly updated with new abbreviations and titles.

Access Information:  Freely available

Link: Click here to access Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing)

Description: Full-text decisions that discuss sentencing in criminal appeals as reported in the Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) series, primarily from the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, for England and Wales. Coverage begins from 1979. Available on Westlaw UK.

Access Information: Please use your college username and password to access Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) off campus.

Link: Click here to access Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) on campus

Off Campus Link: Click here to access Criminal Appeal Reports (Sentencing) off campus

Electronic Immigration Network (EIN)

Description: Electronic Immigration Network (EIN) is the UK’s largest specialist provider of information on immigration and refugee law via the internet. The Members’ Site gives access to case law, country of origin reports, legislation and general immigration resources. It provides the only forum where there is access to all immigration and asylum-related decisions from the Tribunal up to the European Court of Human Rights. Also available to EIN members is the ability to compile and create court bundles.

Access Information: PLEASE NOTE: Only available to LLB Immigration Law students.

Link: Click here to access Electronic Immigration Network (EIN)

English Reports

Description: Access the full text of the English Reports via Westlaw. Cases can be found by party names, Nominate Report citation, English Report citation, or keywords. Results can be printed, saved or emailed. Additional content is available for some case reports, such as links to related cases, journal articles and legislation.

Access Information: Please use your college username and password to access English Reports off campus.

Link: Click here to access English Reports on campus

Off Campus Link: Click here to access English Reports off campus

Family Law Online

Description: Family Law Online provides full text access to the content of the following family law journals: Family Law;  International Family Law; and Child and Family Law Quarterly. This content is also available on Lexis Library

Access Information: To access Family Law Online off campus please click on the link “Click here for Academic Login >>” on the Jordans Online Services page, type the name of your organisation – Bradford College – and click on continue. Enter your College username and password. Select Family Law Online.

Link: Click here to access Family Law Online

ICLR Online

Description: ICLR – The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting,  is a not for profit organisation that was established in 1865 as the authorised publisher of the official series of The Law Reports for the Superior and Appellate Courts of England and Wales.

Access Information: Only available on campus. To access the website click on “Go to ICLR Online”.

Link: Click here to access ICLR Online

Lawtel Employment

Description: Lawtel Employment provides access to next-day case reporting, case comments and specialist articles, written by experts in the field of employment law. There is also a What’s New section providing a weekly roundup of the most important employment law news and developments, as well as a Briefings section on recent employment case law and legislation. Lawtel Employment is available through Lawtel.

Access Information: To access Lawtel Employment off campus, enter your college username and password at the prompt. Please select the specific practice area from the Specialist Areas drop down menu.

Link: Click here to access Lawtel Employment on campus

Off Campus LinkClick here to access Lawtel Employment off campus