The Science Behind Fine Cuisine

Science cooking and creativity combined with innovation, provide modern tubesquirtwide04acooking with new flavours and new experiences.

Students at Bradford College were give the opportunity to learn about cutting edge techniques currently being developed in top restaurants. This was delivered in a video lesson by Paul Johnson and Simon Marshall who have provided us with further insight below.

Please summarise what the lesson is about and how you got the idea?
Simon comments: I was asked by Julie Speight to deliver a lecture on the science behind molecular gastronomy, so my first port of call was Chef Paul Johnson whom I’ve worked with on numerous videos.

What techniques are you showing?
We are looking at the use of agar as a stabiliser and the science behind spherification. These are techniques associated with some of the finest restaurants in the world.

What are the benefits for students and learning?agar-cubes01a
They can see how science is inextricably linked to cookery; the science behind cookery is nowhere near as complicated as it is sometimes made out to be in the media.

How are you using Technology and Media to capture the learning and develop it?
We can capture images you could not see in a normal classroom environment.

How is it inspiring you in your teaching?
There are new opportunities to motivate learners and we can use many kinds of media to assess learning.

You can view this lesson via estream.