About Learning Resources at Bradford College

At Bradford College, there are many departments and services which are there to support our students. Our Learning Resources group of departments aim to specifically support students’ learning experience. We do this by:

  • Enabling access to academic resources such as databases and journals to aid with studies. Library Services will work with you to help you find relevant information and how to use/cite these within your academic work.
  • Providing technical equipment and services to support our staff and students and ensure that I.T. resources across the college are suitable. I.T. services is responsible for looking after the network and systems across College. They can help with technical support questions when we can, perform repairs and advise on equipment.
  • Facilitating the availability of information technology and media-related resources to our students. Our Technology & Media team can advise you on the most suitable equipment for your needs and are available to offer in-depth instruction with specialist equipment and training on a one-to-one basis.