Incorrect courses on my Moodle site

What to do if you see incorrect courses when you log in to Moodle.

When you log into Moodle, the courses you are studying at College are compared with your current assigned Moodle courses and you are enrolled onto these within Moodle when necessary.

Occasionally however, this may not work after you log into Moodle and you find you do not have access to the correct course pages. Usually this is related to transferring between courses, but there are other reasons that can cause you to not see correct modules.

If this is the case for you, we’ll need guidance from your tutor(s) to let us know which enrolment codes need to have access to course pages. Your tutor(s) will understand what this means.

Please speak to your tutors as soon as possible and ask them to contact the VLE team. Once they have contacted us and explained the issue, we can rectify the problem quickly.