Protecting your inbox from unwanted e-mail

The I.T. Core Systems team manage our e-mail systems to remove the vast majority of e-mail messages that contain viruses or malware, phishing scams, are offensive or messages that are obviously spam.

Unsolicited and malicious e-mail is a growing problem generally in the I.T. sector and we continuously work to prevent such e-mails from entering your mailboxes.

For students and learners, your College e-mail mailboxes are protected by Office 365 and so we manage these differently.

But for staff mailboxes, reviewing of quarantined messages was something that has been undertaken manually by the team on request until earlier this year.

We’ve since been pleased to advise of a new process that enables College staff to control your own e-mail mailboxes by releasing or removing quarantined e-mail messages and, when appropriate, marking flagged messages as legitimate. I.T. Services first e-mailed staff about this update in May 2016.

How does this affect staff?

When an e-mail message is captured and marked as spam, the message is quarantined by our anti-spam software and held there for review for 31 days.

The intended recipient will receive a notification e-mail which provides instructions on how to proceed if the message is actually legitimate (i.e. you were expecting the message and know the sender).

Please note any quarantined messages not released are automatically deleted after 31 days.

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