About Access Manager

Forgotten passwords is a common factor in I.T whether for work or personal use. Find out how our adoption of Access Manager helps.

I.T Services is pleased to introduce an application which allows staff and students to manage their own password reset requests. The application is called Access Manager and is an online tool designed to work over the World Wide Web.

This means if you need to reset your password you can do so at your convenience without the need to contact I.T support, provided users have made the necessary initial configurations.

You can visit Access Manager by visiting https://accessmanager.bradfordcollege.ac.uk/ at any time.

We recommend that you periodically review your details to ensure they’re still correct and accurate, in case you need to gain access to your College I.T account if you forget your password.

New students with limited or no physical access to College

If you need to change your initial activation password, you can do so using Access Manager without the need to physically come to Bradford College. This may be particularly useful for our distance learners.