Connecting to WiFi at Bradford College

The College offers wireless networks for staff and students. Here’s more information about how to use them.

WiFi allows you to connect to IT networks without the use of a cable. It can also enable you to connect to the internet. Find out about our WiFi networks below, including availability and how to connect.

Eduroam WiFi network

Eduroam stands for Education Roaming and offers users from participating academic institutions secure internet access at any other Eduroam-enabled institution, for example some NHS Teaching Hospitals and other colleges and universities.

Please note your use of Eduroam is subject to College acceptable use policies and the JANET/JISC Eduroam Policy.

Further information about Eduroam generally and the JANET Roaming Service is available from the Eduroam Federation and JISC.

How to use Eduroam

If you have a College IT user account, you can connect to the WiFi network ‘eduroam’ on wireless-capable devices including Tablet devices, smart phones and laptops.

For staff, your username for the Eduroam WiFi access point is your full college e-mail address. Please note that staff are not able to access network shares/drives using Eduroam.

If you’re a student, your username is simply your student ID following by “”, not including quotes. This is the same as your college e-mail address (for students only).

For all users, your password to connect is the same as your College IT password, used to log in to college devices.

Remember to update your password on your device connection settings when you change or reset your College IT password. This may involve removing the ‘eduroam’ network (SSID) from your list of remembered networks (also known as forgetting the network).

Configure devices using software/apps

You can also download free software/apps which configures your device with all settings required for a successful Eduroam connection for Bradford College at (remember to choose the college if prompted).

The software and apps are cross-platform compatible, which means it will work for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux, and more.

Eduroam availability

Eduroam WiFi is available in most campus sites with the following exceptions:

  • Limited Coverage in:
    • Old Building
    • Bowling Back Lane
    • City Training Services (Little Germany)

About the BCW1 WiFi network

The college also has a WiFi network which is available to restricted college devices only. Staff can enquire about using this network through the Staff I.T. Service Desk.

Guest access

The college does not offer temporary access to our networks by default (i.e. there is no guest network).

If there is an event organised by staff which would require offering temporary WiFi access, the event organiser(s) should make this request in good time to IT Services.